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10 Outdoor Wedding Considerations for Cape Town

Outdoor weddings can be beautiful and magical – clear skies, perfectly pruned gardens and, of course, a breathtaking backdrop. However, the reality is outdoor weddings take a lot of prep work and major logistical issues need to be taken into consideration.

We have listed our top ten outdoor wedding considerations for anyone planning to get married in or near Cape Town. You are the bride, and enjoying the big day is essential. We’re just here to make it easier.

Position Your Ceremony in a Shaded Area

The South African heat is a real struggle for some and no one wants their guests feeling hot and bothered on the big day. Make sure you visit your venue prior to the wedding; preferably at the same time the ceremony would be.

See whether there is shade available or if you can move it to be more sheltered. If you don’t see any sun protection in sight, maybe consider using big umbrellas or a gazebo tent.

Make Sure Your Bridal Suite Is Close

One of the biggest mistakes brides make is hiring an outdoor venue so remote that no basic facilities are nearby– let alone their bridal suite. It is crucial to ensure your venue has a bridal suite you can use for those little touch ups or in case of an emergency.

Provide Refreshments for Your Parched Guests

Keep your guests comfortable with a table of refreshments at your wedding ceremony – even if it is as simple as a bottle of water each. Nothing is more uncomfortable than feeling hot and thirsty so keep your guests refreshed and happy.

Have a Plan B And Possibly a Plan C

In the event of rain, gale force winds or whatever else, make sure you are prepared. Does your venue have a backup plan? Perhaps your venue offers indoor and outdoor wedding venues as well – find out if there is a way to reserve both. Postponing should not be an option if you’re willing to be flexible.

Ensure You Have Adequate Lighting Organized

This is more so for the reception and something many brides don’t think about. Ensure your venue has light fixtures or, at least, a place to hang lanterns, candles or more. Also remember lighting should not only be included in the venue – guests need to navigate their way to their cars afterwards as well.

Don’t Forget About the Décor

Even though Mother Nature will probably be providing you with a majestic backdrop, think of what else you can do to accentuate your outdoor wedding venue. It could be as simple as a single flower arrangement or hanging décor in trees. Get creative and collaborate with nature to maximize the beauty.

Advise Guests to Dress Comfortably and Appropriately

Guests are just as excited about your big day and, although most will plan their outfits strategically, it won’t hurt to make some suggestions. If your wedding is in the summer months, advising them to wear breathable, little cotton clothing is smart going. Shoes are another big consideration. Flats and wedges are your best friend – no lady wants to be wearing her favourite stilettos on grass.

Time of Day Means Everything

Be smart about the time of day you have your wedding. In the summer months, later is better. In winter, later might be colder. Also consider the sun will be casting shadows, which may affect the photography – timing is everything when it comes to outdoor weddings.

Think About Accessibility for Your Guests

How remote is your venue? Do your guests need to be picked up? If so, how will you manage this? Is there enough parking for all of them?

These are major wedding considerations.

Remember to Breath - And Have Fun

We completely understand there is a certain amount of stress that goes into planning your big day. Just remember to breath and enjoy it. If you can find a wedding venue that can help take the stress out by organizing the set up and catering, that will be a big help.

At Nooitgedacht, we have a proficient team who will see to all the details so you don’t have to – get in touch and find out more about our outdoor wedding options - located in the heart of the Cape Winelands.

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